Two Brothers From Hebron Arrested For Wounding Israelis With Sniper Rifle

Hebron terror suspects
Shin Bet

Ynetnews reports: Two brothers from Hebron were arrested on suspicion of carrying out a series of shooting attacks against soldiers and civilians, wounding four Israelis, it was cleared for publication Monday.

The brothers are Nasser Faisal Muhammad Badwi, 23, affiliated with Hamas, and his older brother Akram Faisal Muhammad Badwi, 33. The attacks were carried out with sniper rifles.

During their Shin Bet interrogation, a makeshift sniper rifle used in the terror attacks was confiscated, as well as a Carl Gustav rifle with which one of the brothers planned to carry out further attacks. The brothers hid the makeshift sniper rifle in the al-Mujahideen mosque in Hebron and took it from there to carry out their attacks.

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