Drought Affecting Syria, Eastern Mediterranean ‘Worst In 900 Years’

A Lebanese farmer installs water tubes as he prepares to irrigate his malt field in the Ammiq wetland in the Bekaa valley

The Independent reports:  The Middle East has just experienced its worst drought in more than 900 years, a Nasa report has found.

Scientists said that a 15-year dry spell in the eastern Mediterranean, which ended in 2012 and is thought to be partly to blame for the Syria civil war, is likely to be the driest the region has ever see.

Experts say the situation has increased existing tensions in the region caused by already scarce water resources.

The study found the drought was 98 per cent likely to be drier than the last 500 years and 89 per cent likely to be drier than any other time in the last 900 years.

The study examined variations in climate change in the region over the last 1,000 years.

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