PHOTO: Man Shields Wife Behind Cloth Partition in Saudi Restaurant

saudi man covers wife in restaurant

JAFFA, Israel – A picture has emerged on Saudi social media (above) showing a man hiding his wife behind a cloth in a restaurant booth.

The image shows the couple dining in a restaurant while hidden from public view behind a tinted glass partition. Apparently, the partition was not enough for the husband, who took the added measure of further shielding his wife with a large cloth.

The picture has attracted a broad spectrum of reactions on social media, both negative and supportive.

Most said that the picture, in which the woman was covered almost completely, testifies to the man’s devotion, while others said it revealed excessive conservatism, bordering on primitiveness.

“A jealous man who loves his wife doesn’t want others to look at his queen when he knows it could embarrass her,” tweeted Nasersalmeen, who sided with the man.

Husam also did not see anything unusual: “She goes everywhere with her face covered, and when she asked to remove the veil during the meal he reacted naturally. He is not primitive, it is just the logical thing to do. Why are they libeling him like this?”

“They respect our religion, Sharia, and the Prophet’s ways,” tweeted Momofmychildren. “It’s our religion – choose between heaven and hell fire.”

Hedyl replied: “Do you think someone’s behavior determines whether he goes to hell or heaven? You’re saying that a woman who doesn’t cover her head goes to hell? That’s ridiculous.”

“In Allah’s name, look at this man,” interjected Toni. “He needs to minimize his wife’s existence to show respect! I spit on him.”

“If he’s so jealous, why did he take her out?” asked Yusef. “They should have stayed at home.”

But most Twitter commenters sided with the husband: “It’s his elementary right,” wrote Ahmed.

“Detractors are jealous of his family, just ignore those who are disrespectful,” concluded Saad.