Dershowitz: New York Is Right To Blacklist Anti-Israel Boycotters

Thai-muslim protesters shout anti-Israel slogans during a demonstration at the Israel embassy in Bangkok on January 6, 2009

Alan Dershowitz writes at the Daily Beast: Pundits and commentators Sunday proclaimed New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s executive order “unconstitutional” and “McCarthyite.” Such verdicts are wrong, and somewhat ironic given the McCarthyite aspects of the BDS movement itself.

The executive order Cuomo signed Sunday declaring a New York State counter-boycott against businesses that single out Israel for commercial, artistic, academic, and cultural boycott, divestment and sanctions sends a strong message that New York stands opposed to the broader campaign to delegitimize, demonize, and discriminate against the nation state of the Jewish people, and to efforts that undermine any reasonable prospect of a negotiated peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

Israel is far from perfect—and I and other supporters of Israel have been critical of its flaws—but it has internal mechanisms for addressing its imperfections. There is no legitimate reason for singling it out for the kind of external discrimination represented by BDS.

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