Jihad Isn’t About Guns: It’s ‘Whatever You Can Get Your Hands On’

Sean Adair/Reuters

Democrats and their media lapdogs are trying to blame Saturday night’s Islamic terrorism on guns, even though Islamic terror groups urge their supporters to use “whatever you can get your hands on.”

Feel free to share this clip with them from a terrorist recruiting video released a couple of years ago by the Somalian group Al-Shabaab. In it, the English-speaking narrator urges would-be jihadists to grab anything they can get their hands on and go out and start killing.

The narrator even suggests going to a local hardware store to pick up something with which they can do damage:


…and finally, do not waste your time trying to reinvent the wheel. If you cannot afford to obtain one of these, then certainly, a simple knife from your local B&Q (a British hardware store) will do the job. So prepare yourself, and march forth with firmness and conviction in the rewards of martyrdom.

This is no mere rhetoric. We’ve seen many gun-less attacks by Muslims across the country, from beheadings to knives t0 axe attacks to auto rampages, to bombings, to suicide aircraft.

Some weapons are capable of achieving greater casualty counts than others, but the largest casualty counts are usually reserved for improvised surprise weapons, such as a jet airplane or homemade bombs.

Guns, however, remain one of the best ways to STOP terrorism. It was a lack of defense that allowed the Pulse Nightclub massacre to go on for hours.

The rhetoric coming from the Democrats is not just cynical pandering, it’s provably dangerous.

The threat from Islamic terrorism is Islamic terrorism. Period. The means, methods and timing vary, but the way to stamp it out is not to disarm Americans — is to eradicate the problem itself.


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