Palestinian Teen Terrorist Stabs 13-Year Old Israeli Girl to Death in Her Bedroom

Hallel Yaffa Ariel (Courtesy)
Hallel Yaffa Ariel (Courtesy)

TEL AVIV – A 17-year old Palestinian terrorist infiltrated a West Bank Jewish community and stabbed a 13-year old girl in her own bedroom, critically wounding her.  The girl, identified as Hallel Yaffa Ariel, died on her way to the hospital.

A man, an off-duty guard, was seriously wounded when he responded to the terrorist attack.

Israel Defense Forces Spokesman Peter Lerner tweeted an image of Ariel’s bloody bedroom.

The terrorist was shot and killed before he could escape the scene.

The attack took place in the Ramat Mamre neighborhood of Kiryat Arba, a neighborhood close to the fence that straddles the city.  Kiryat Arba is on the outskirts of Hebron in the West Bank.

The Times of Israel has more about the attack:

According to an initial account, the attacker jumped the fence — a breach that sent an alert to the IDF and civilian security guards in the area — and broke into the girl’s bedroom.

Forces searching for the cause of the breach heard screams coming from the house and raced in to find the girl with multiple stab wounds in her bed, according to Channel 10. One of the guards hurried to her to provide first aid and was jumped by the attacker who managed to stab him.

The girl’s father and other guards fired shots at the attacker, killing him, and also wounding the responding guard.

David Adom, a paramedic who responded to the scene, stated, “The girl was unconscious, without a pulse and not breathing. She had a number of penetrating wounds on her upper body. We loaded her onto the ambulance while performing CPR. Her condition was very serious. The second victim we loaded into the ambulance and gave him life-saving first aid. He was fully conscious, speaking with us throughout the ride [to the hospital].”

The terrorist was identified as 17-year old Mohammad Tarayrah from the northern West Bank. He reportedly wrote on Facebook on Saturday: “Death is a right and I am asking for my right to die.”

Terrorism apparently runs in the Tarayrah family. Mohammad’s uncle, Yusuf Waleed Tarayrah, carried out a car ramming attack in March near Kiryat Arba during which he was killed by IDF forces.

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