WATCH: First Israeli NASCAR Driver Poised to Make History

USA Today reports: One of the stars of Duck Dynasty may have been the catalyst for NASCAR’s first Israeli driver.

On April 9, NASCAR fan David Levin was sitting at home in Florida when he saw Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame give the invocation before a race at Texas Motor Speedway.

NASCAR invocations are televised, and Robertson used the platform to “pray that we put a Jesus man in the White House.”

It didn’t sit well with Levin, who is Jewish.

“That was pretty insulting,” Levin told USA TODAY Sports. “It reinforced the impression that NASCAR is a white, Christian sport. But NASCAR is for everyone. There’s no reason it can’t also include Jews, blacks and Mexicans.”

Levin, an environmental/waterfront property lawyer in Sarasota, decided to act. He reached out to MBM Motorsports owner Carl Long and found an opportunity for Israeli driver Alon Day, who is Jewish.

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