JPost: Top Five Most Egregious Anti-Israel Headlines in the International Media

A BBC logo is pictured on a television screen inside the BBC's New Broadcasting House office in central London, on November 12, 2012. The BBC announced that two of its executives were standing aside on Monday and warned more heads may roll as it battles with a major crisis over …

The Jerusalem Post reports: Israel supporters have said for years that there is an international media bias against the Jewish state.

This bias, they say, is reflected in erroneous headlines that downplay Israeli victims and always make Israel appear to be the aggressor.

Over the years, several headlines from major international news organizations have sparked an uproar, and have many times been changed or taken down after numerous complaints.

Here our some of the most well-publicized instances of the anti-Israel bias playing out in media headlines:

1) Following a terror attack in Tel Aviv’s Sarona market on July 8 that left four people dead and 16 wounded, CNN inspired outrage with its headline when it put the word “terrorists” in quotations on its Facebook page.

Additionally, the news outlet failed to mention terrorism even once in the article reporting the ordeal.

Similarly, the British news network SKY also neglected to use the word “terror” or “terrorism” in their report of the attack at Sarona.

The BBC’s headline, “Tel Aviv shooting: Three killed in attack in shopping center” was also markedly void of the keywords.

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