Pentagon Approves Israeli Radar for U.S. Iron Curtain Testing

Israeli Merkava tanks roll near the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip as they return from the Hamas-controlled Palestinian coastal enclave on August 5, 2014, after Israel announced that all of its troops had withdrawn from Gaza.

Defense News reports: TEL AVIV — The Pentagon has given Herndon, Virginia-based defense solutions company Artis the green light to integrate Israeli radars from Rada Electronic Industries Ltd. into its Iron Curtain close-in active protection system (APS) for evaluation by the US Army.

“We have received approval from the US government to import two Rada radar units for purposes of testing and evaluating them with our Iron Curtain active protection system,” Artis executive Brian Detter told Defense News.

On Monday, Netanya, Israel-based Rada announced it would provide its Compact Hemispheric Radar-based RPS-10 radar to support Artis’ active protection against rocket-propelled grenades (RPG) and other shoulder-launched threats.

Optimized to detect fire from RPGs and anti-tank, guided missiles, the compact, multimission Rada radar has been validated dozens of times in live-fire tests of another hard kill system, the Israeli-developed Iron Fist by state-owned IMI Systems.

Both the Artis Iron Curtain, which now uses a radar from L-3 Mustang Technology, and the IMI Iron Fist, based on the Rada radar, are being evaluated under parallel Pentagon programs.

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