Saudi Woman Allowed To Watch Abusive Husband’s Flogging

An Indonesian Sharia police whips a man during a public caning ceremony outside a mosque in Banda Aceh, capital of Aceh province on September 18, 2015. Three women and 14 men arrested for sexual offenses and gambling were caned in front of the mosque in full view of the public …

A Saudi court ruling allowing a woman to watch her husband’s flogging, which he received as punishment for biting her, has been a cause for concern for some of the kingdom’s men.

In addition to three days’ imprisonment for assaulting his wife, the man was sentenced to 30 lashes for the crime and an additional 30 as “reparation” for his wife.

The fact that the woman would be allowed to watch his flogging has been seen by many as a deliberate attempt to humiliate him.

“The fact that the court allowed her to watch the punishment being carried out is in itself another punishment,” Fahde wrote.

“Great, he should learn how to behave,” Yasmina wrote. “Inshallah men like him will start to fear the consequences.”

“Great, I’d like to see him get it before his wife,” Reem wrote.

A livid Mohamed Almteiri tweeted: “If I were the judge I’d tell the woman to get lost before I bite her as well.”

An angry woman replied: “That’s because you were brought up a primitive.”

Some men supported the sentence, such as Abdelaziz, who wrote: “It’s the first step in the right direction, to implement the law to stop women’s suffering and domestic abuse.”

“If she get to watch the punishment being carried out, then her husband should divorce her right afterwards regardless of the nature of their relationship,” Wadee wrote. “This sentencing gives impetus to their separation.”

Faiza replied: “If this woman even considers continuing to live with him, she has lost her dignity. Separation is the best outcome for both sides in this warped relationship.”

“Separation has become such a simple thing for you!” Mohamed replied to Faiza

Mohammed called on all men: “After this ruling, I urge all the married men out there: Run away!”


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