EXCLUSIVE – Female Islamic State Loyalist: ‘If We Are Asked to Blow Ourselves Up We’ll Do It’

Tehran, IRAN: Iranian women dressed as suicide bombers stand next to a portrait of 19-year-old Palestinian female suicide bomber Hiba Azem Daraghma during a demonstration in downtown Tehran, 31 July 2006.

TEL AVIV – Female Islamic State fighters have expressed their wish to defy the organization’s leadership and carry out suicide attacks in Mosul, according to internal communications obtained by Breitbart Jerusalem.

A closed group on the encrypted messaging app Telegram functions as a Twitter of sorts for IS fighters and their loyalists, giving them a forum to communicate and express their opinions. The female fighters in the forum revealed they are being stymied by the IS leadership in their attempts to organize suicide attacks.

The user who goes by the name Daughter of State of Justice wrote: “We’re waiting here for a sign from our leader so that we can participate in the fighting, but the leaders oppose our request and our wish to blow ourselves up amid the nonbelievers, our wish to die for Allah, and we asked our leaders to pass on our request to the leaders so that we will be able to do it but they refuse.”

daughter of state

IS Girl from Mosul wrote: “The message of justice and Allah will persist, our wishes will be realized thanks to Allah. Our state will return as victor, and we’ll lead it to victory. If we are asked to blow ourselves up we’ll do it. We’re not afraid of dying for Allah. We’re more afraid of living under tyranny. We trust the youngsters who believe in the righteousness and in the victory of our state to defend us. We’ll continue to be obedient and abide by the decisions of our leaders and our sheikhs. We owe them our obedience and our attention.”

is girl from mosul

Laila the Suicide Bomber wrote: “Thank Allah for the fate he’s given us. We survived the infidels’ bombardments many times. I really hope to die as a martyr among Allah’s enemies. Oh. how I wish to carry out a suicide attack wearing an explosive belt among the infidels and send them to hell. How wonderful it is to die as a martyr. How I want to carry out that attack.”

laila the suicide bomber

Yemenite Nur wrote: “Sisters, let’s rise up and demand our right to carry out suicide attacks wearing explosive belts just like our hero brothers the martyrs do. Dear sisters, we are the daughters of Islam, the sisters of [the prophet’s wives] Fatima and Aisha and Hadija. Let’s demand from our leaders to arm us and send us to fight and prepare us to blow up the vehicles of Allah’s enemies the Shi’ites and the nonbelievers. I’m sure we can do it.”

The communications follow a report claiming IS is attempting to use women to evade security measures and carry out attacks in Europe and the Middle East.

The Guardian reported:

The new tactic poses a challenge for security organizations which already have difficulty penetrating extremist networks and identifying potential attackers. “It’s a concern. … There is constant evolution as the pressures on [Isis] increase, so we are not complacent,” said one western European security official.

A plot in Paris in September, involving four women aged between 19 and 39, received significant media coverage. The cell, organised by a known Isis militant in France, was the first to be entirely female. …

Senior commanders of al-Qaida, the extremist group responsible for the 9/11 attacks, has consistently made clear its opposition to women taking part in combat activities, insisting that they should support male “mujahideen” and the broader struggle, rather than physically take up arms themselves.

The ruling has not always been obeyed. Al-Qaida’s own affiliate in Iraq deployed a female suicide bomber in 2005 to attack a hotel in Amman, Jordan. The decision prompted much criticism within extremist circles.

Isis, which shares broad ideological objectives with al-Qaida but differs dramatically over strategy and tactics, initially restricted the many thousands of female volunteers it attracted from Europe and the Islamic world to support activities.


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