Think-tank: IAEA Report on Iran ‘Borders On Deception’

The Associated Press

The Algemeiner reports: The UN atomic energy agency’s latest report on Iranian compliance with the nuclear deal it reached with six world powers last year “borders on deception by omission,” a Washington, DC-based think tank said in an analysis published this week.

“The IAEA reporting continues to lack critical technical details about implementation of the agreement,” the Institute for Science and International Security said in a statement authored by David Albright — a former IAEA official — and Andrea Stricker.

Furthermore, the analysis said, the “IAEA’s sparse and overly generalized reporting” is “contradicted by independent reporting pointing to problems in the implementation of the JCPOA [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action]…This continued lack of information in the IAEA reports combined with the ongoing secrecy surrounding the decision-making of the Joint Commission (the body created to monitor implementation of the JCPOA) is a serious shortcoming in the implementation of the JCPOA and raises legitimate questions about the adequacy of Iran’s compliance.”

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