PICTURES: Islamic State Propaganda Portrays Life As Normal Amid Battles in Iraq, Syria

The Islamic State group formed a self-declared caliphate after seizing a swathe of territory across Iraq and Syria in 2014

The Islamic State organization has increased its “business as usual” propaganda effort despite the military campaign waged against it in Iraq and Syria.

Pictures of busy markets in the IS-controlled cities of Mosul, Reqqa and others were disseminated online.


Similarly, pictures of an award-winning Quran quiz held in Reqqa, the militia’s capital in Syria, were disseminated.

A video of an average day at a school in Mosul was also published. An IS man was seen recounting how dozens of new teachers were integrated into the education system, and how textbooks are being printed and distributed.

Abu Baker Almaqdesi, a Palestinian jihadi who fought for IS and returned to his native Gaza following an injury, claimed to Breitbart Jerusalem that routine prevails in the IS-controlled areas.

“The brothers report that the police continue to make sure that Sharia laws aren’t violated, and that the schools, welfare services, health services and everything carries on as normal,” he said. “It’s true that in the environs of Mosul and around Reqqa a fierce battle is raging, but the brothers in the organization manage to balance between the need to defend the territory of the caliphate and the need to maintain a normal life inside the caliphate, and continue to set an example to Muslims around the world how life in an Islamic state should look like.”

“In the Prophet’s time too the Muslims were constantly under attack, but the Prophet insisted, while training an army that would defend the lives and property of the Muslims, on creating an exemplary Muslim society, which is what our brothers do today in Syria and Iraq,” he said. “Unless Allah was on the side of the brothers in the caliphate they wouldn’t have lasted so many months, regained lost territories and inflicted so many losses on the Shi’ite and Crusader infidels”

He added that IS is in the process of devising a plan B, for the day after their defeat in Iraq and Syria, especially in Mosul and Reqqa.  

“We will see a lot of attacks in these two countries, but in every other country that joined the war of the infidels against the Muslims,” he said. “Many brothers successfully infiltrated countries that take part in the coalition, in the region as well as Crusader countries. IS emerged to create a state, and defeat in a single battle doesn’t mean the idea of a caliphate is gone. The caliphate will continue to be the mujahideen’s goal, even though, as the Quran says, there’ll be a time when they will remain a small group, a tiny minority. This is the kernel to which Allah will confer the revival of Islam.”


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