Jihadists Celebrates 65-Year-Old Iraqi Suicide Bomber

suicide bomber

The Islamic State’s latest golden boy is a 65-year-old Iraqi suicide bomber who attacked Iraqi troops in Mosul, where the Iraqi army, supported by the US-led international coalition, is making last-ditch efforts to liberate from IS.

Abou Omar Almousoulawi has become a “legend and proof of the jiadhists’ devotion to Allah,” a Palestinian jihadi told Breitbart Jerusalem. “He’s a 65-year-old man who lost his son in the war against the Shi’ite infidels and who has another two sons fighting with the mujahedeen.”

The man, whose real name was Mahmoud Alhayali, was a colonel in Saddam Hussein’s army, and was a resident of Mosul’s Palestine district. Three years before his attack, Alhayali’s son, Ali, was killed in battle in the city’s Badoush district. His two other sons and daughter-in-law are IS militants, according to IS posts.

Alhayali was lauded not only for his self-imposed martyrdom, but also for the fact that his son was in charge of IS’ drone fleet, which the militia proudly used against Iraqi troops in the battle of Mosul recently.

“This is an exemplary family in its devotion to Islam, jihad and the Caliphate,” the Palestinian jihadi said. “The father, the sons, their wives, everyone in this family is dedicated to imposing Allah’s sharia. It’s the ideal Muslim family, one that the Islamic State seeks to create. It’s a family that believes that life is temporary, only a station on the way to the afterlife, and there’s no better way to get there than jihad for Allah.”


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