Israelis Warned of ‘Immediate’ Terror Threat in Egypt’s Sinai

ourists sunbathe on the shore of the Red Sea at a hotel that is hosting many travelers waiting to be evacuated from the resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh, south Sinai, Egypt, Saturday, Nov. 7, 2015. Russia has suspended all flights to Egypt, joining the U.K., which had specifically banned all …
AP/Ahmed Abd El-Latif)

The Times of Israel reports: Israel intensified its warning against citizens traveling to the Sinai Peninsula on Monday for fear of an imminent terror attack by the Islamic State, with the knowledge that thousands will spurn their advisory and travel to the area in the coming months.

The annual travel warning from the Israeli Counter-Terrorism Bureau came two weeks ahead of the Passover holiday, marking the unofficial start of the travel season. Eitan Ben-David, the head of the Counter-Terrorism Bureau, told reporters that the Sinai, which has seen a years-long, bloody conflict between an Islamic State affiliate and Egyptian forces, already bears his agency’s highest level warning, indicating a concrete threat.

Ben-David said that in light of the threat in Sinai, Israel “has considered the possibility of closing the Taba border with Egypt, but right now we have no intention of doing so.”

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