WATCH – Abbas: Israel Flooding Palestinian Society With ‘Frightening’ Amount of Drugs

TEL AVIV – Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas claimed that Israel is flooding Palestinian society with a “frightening” amount of drugs that are destroying its youth, footage from a broadcast last week on PA official TV shows. 

In a speech to the Palestine Liberation Organization, Abbas repeated the popular Palestinian libel that Israel exports illicit drugs to Arab society but added that his government has formulated a plan to combat the menace.

“We have a plan to fight the drugs. Israel is exporting drugs to us in frightening amounts. We need to pay attention in order to defend our young generation and defend it from the drugs,” Abbas said in the speech that was translated and first exposed by Israeli monitoring group Palestinian Media Watch.

In March, PA TV aired a program in which a senior Palestinian cleric outlandishly said that Israel seeks to “control” Arab society through the use of dangerous drugs.

In another instance the previous year, a Palestinian official said Israel supplies Palestinians with guns and other weapons in order to encourage violence and create internal chaos.

Abbas’ anti-Israel remarks come amid Palestinian furor over President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

In another program broadcast a few months ago on PA TV, Issam Jweihan, the Coordinator of the Project for the War on Drugs in Jerusalem, claimed that Israel targets Jerusalem youth with drugs in order to drive them out and replace the city’s Arab population with Jews.

“A war is being waged [by Israel] against Jerusalem. This is an unconventional war in which unconventional weapons are being used. The goal of the war is clear – to Judaize the city and empty it of its [Arab] residents. They are using unconventional weapons. The weapon that brings the best results for the Israelis is drugs,” Jweihan said.


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