Hamas Terrorists Slam German Parliament for Recognizing Jewish State of Israel

hamas iran Ismail Haniyeh
AP/Vahid Salemi

The German parliament has been condemned by the Hamas terrorist organization for its recognition of Israel as a Jewish state and legitimate homeland.

Labelled an Islamist terror group by Israel, the US and the European Union, Hamas rebuked the German lawmakers for failing to criticize what it calls Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people.

The outburst follows the celebration of Israel’s 70th year of independence last week when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that the Jewish state is becoming a “world power” whose light will overcome its enemies’ “darkness.”

“At the time the Palestinians expected a strong support from the Federal Republic of Germany on the 70th anniversary of the Nakba, the Bundestag did not mention the seven-decade long aggression of the Israeli occupation on our people, as well as it did not denounce the Israeli racist and fascist policies,” Hamas’s statement read.

Hamas cited a long list of grievances, including accusing Israel of building settlements, arresting children, “Judaizing” Jerusalem and imposing an “unjust siege” on the Gaza Strip.

“You, the Bundestag, described the Israeli occupation as a ‘state that embraces western European values.’ Are these values accept, for example, with the killing of dozens and wounding of thousands of peaceful demonstrators, most of them are children, who to demand their right to a decent life and return to their homes?” the Hamas statements read, pointing to the so-called March of Return protests that have roiled the Gaza border over the past five weeks.

These protests have seen at least 20 Gazans killed and over 1,100 reportedly wounded in Hamas-instigated mass protests and riots along the Israel-Gaza line of separation.

The Bundestag resolution was jointly proposed by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s center-right CDU, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas’s Social Democrats and the Liberals, a small opposition party. Hamas alleged the move “destabilizes the region and the world,” giving Israel “a green light to continue its aggression against our people.”

Hamas was founded on the principle of the total destruction of Israel, and regularly threatens to annihilate the Jewish state.

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