Israel’s Security Cabinet Moves Meetings To Secret Underground Bunker

Likud Party leader Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at a meeting with the heads of local regional councils, in Tel Aviv, Israel, Thursday, Feb. 5, 2009. General elections in Israel are scheduled for Feb. 10 and pre-election polls show Netanyahu with a lead over Foreign Minister and Kadima Party leader Tzipi Livni.(AP …
AP/Ariel Schalit

TEL AVIV – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered the security cabinet to hold all meetings for the foreseeable future in a secret underground bunker in Jerusalem.

A number of theories have been circulating as to the reason for the change of venue. Channel 10’s Barak Ravid said it was to prevent leaks to the media while others said that it was due to the escalating tensions between Israel and Iran. Ravid also said that the secure venue would stop leaks about President Donald Trump’s long-awaited peace proposal.

Two security cabinet meetings have already been held in the new location and another four have been scheduled.

The 11-member cabinet is also reported to be in the process of formulating policies regarding Iran and Syria following a large-scale Israeli strike on Iranian targets earlier this month.

A senior Israeli Air Force officer on Tuesday said that since the May 10 strike, Israeli jets have continued to hit targets in Syria.

We can assume that there have been strikes since the last events in Syria. We have maintained our freedom of action over Syria,” he said.

“The Iranian resolve in the region continues and we keep operating and disrupting below the threshold of war,” he added.