Palestinian Authority Daily: ‘Moron’ Trump ‘Needs Rehabilitation In A Mental Hospital’ for Moving Embassy

Members of pro-Islamic NGO IHH and other groups holding Turkish and Palestinian flags stag
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TEL AVIV – The official Palestinian Authority daily is continuing its crusade against the U.S. by publishing a slew of low blows directed at “stupid, moronic” President Donald Trump, a man who “needs rehabilitation in a mental hospital” for his “war crime” of moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem on behalf of “a gang of Zionist robbers.”

An oped published last week in Al-Hayat Al-Jadida and translated by Israeli watchdog Palestinian Media Watch described the officials attending the opening of the U.S. embassy in “occupied Jerusalem” as “partners in a war crime.” The writer referred to the embassy as “an American military base.”

A cartoon published in the paper depicted the embassy as a bomb. Alongside images of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Dome of the Rock in the Old City of Jerusalem was the new U.S. embassy in the shape of an enormous hand grenade.

In another oped published that day, the embassy was described as an “outpost” that needed to be “uprooted.” The writer further said that the decision caused the U.S. to move from the role of broker for peace to “enemy.”

“Donald Trump, who issued the ominous Jerusalem declaration … continues in his unparalleled stupidity to talk about peace. … The U.S. has no place in the Middle East peace. It has lost its position, qualification and credibility. Donald Trump, who transformed it from a mediator into an enemy, is leading the hostility,” the article said.

“This outpost that Trump has established in our Jerusalem will be uprooted and what will remain is the face of free Palestine,” it continued.

Another writer quoted by PMW referred to U.S. and Israeli officials attending the embassy opening ceremony as “a gang of Zionist robbers celebrating its theft.”

 Before I watched the Zionist ceremony establishing the American outpost in occupied Palestinian Jerusalem I was very concerned. … However, after watching I calmed down again. The reason for this is that what I saw was nothing more than a gang of Zionist robbers celebrating its theft, just like a gang of bank robbers who just finished the robbery and are now happy with what they stole, laughing hysterically and not believing that they now have millions in their possession!

What confirms this impression — that this is the celebration of a Zionist gang of robbers who stole the history and land — is the almost complete international absence.

After I watched the gang of robbers I felt great relief, because what I saw was an isolated gang acting outside of the framework of time and space, outside of the framework of history and law; a gang led by Trump and [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu, together with blonde model Ivanka [Trump] and her little Zionist husband [Jared] Kushner. More importantly, when the dust cleared the gang was exposed in its wretched celebration, and most importantly — Jerusalem is still preserving its Palestinian Arab identity.

Still another called for Gazans to “sprinkle your pure blood over their putrid heads … of the moron Trump and his staff.” He also referred to Trump as a “rebellious cowboy” and Israel as a “satanic Zionist plant.”

Gaza … your enemies and the robbers of the land and the homeland are vampires who are shepherded by a rebellious cowboy as history is slaughtered, the facts are turned upside down in the name of the wretched promise of the moron Trump and his staff who are obsessed with Armageddon — sprinkle your pure blood over their putrid heads that are contaminated with the conduct of capitalists, that are mired in the bog of robbing the peoples and planting the satanic Zionist plant in the inhabited home and homeland.

An article published the day after the move said Trump belongs in a “mental asylum.”

“This man needs rehabilitation in a mental hospital or to be hospitalized in an asylum, because if he remains free, the world will see how he enjoys and takes pleasure like no other while the world goes up in the flames of his sadism and naivety!”

Another writer viewed the opening of the embassy in Jerusalem and the recognition of the city as the capital of Israel as an example of the U.S. alleged track record of “abuse and bullying toward small peoples.”

The U.S. in its various administrations, has never known a thing about qualities of chivalry or empathy, tolerance and human understanding. For a long time it has abused — and is still abusing — the poor and small peoples! … The reality is that it would be hard for us to tell all the stories of “the ugly American,” which are full of blood, systematic violence and a violence of abuse and bullying toward small peoples. This is currently being expressed in a most ugly fashion by its abuse of our people. … It is going wild in its aggression towards [our people], which is being expressed by the American administration’s responsiveness to all of the Zionist activity’s demands. What is more, this administration — while transferring its embassy from Tel Aviv to occupied Jerusalem in contradiction to all the decisions of the international institutions, after it declared it the capital of the occupation state (!!) — has turned into a completely Zionist administration.

The cartoon below slammed Trump for focusing on the embassy opening ceremony and ignoring the killings of Palestinian rioters in Gaza on the same day.

The embassy move coincided with the so-called March of Return, violent riots on the border between Israel and Gaza that saw 60 Palestinians killed by Israeli fire on Monday. Hamas admitted that 50 of the 62 dead were its members. Palestinian Islamic Jihad said three others were its members.

Hamas officials have admitted that the notion of peaceful, civilian-led protests is a farce. Last week co-founder Mahmoud al-Zahhar told Al Jazeera that the term “peaceful resistance” was coined to “deceive the public.”

Women and children were called to the front lines as human shields with the promise that the Israeli “army won’t kill them.” The riots included swastika-emblazoned bomb-carrying kites, knives, Molotov cocktails, explosive devices, guns and terrorists storming the border with the express intent of “liberating Palestine.”

Gazans were also encouraged to bring their weapons to the riots, but were told it was preferable to capture Israelis rather than kill them since Israel will do anything to rescue one of their own.


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