Corbyn Urged to Resign over Visit to Graves of Munich Massacre Terrorists

United Kingdom's Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn is offered candy by Syrian refugee Sohela Sobeihi, 52 while talking to refugees at the main market road, during his visit to the Zaatari Syrian Refugee Camp, in Mafraq, Jordan, Friday, June 22, 2018. (AP Photo/Nasser Nasser)
AP/Nasser Nasser

UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has been told to resign after further details emerged of his visit to the graves of Palestinian terrorists.

Mr. Corbyn faced the call after the Daily Mail newspaper published photos of him holding a wreath to honour the terrorists behind the 1972 slaughter of Israeli Olympic athletes in Munich.

He insisted he was at a service for Palestinian “martyrs” on a visit to Tunisia in 2014.

In other photos, Mr. Corbyn is seen close to the grave of Atef Bseiso, the former Palestine Liberation Organisation intelligence chief also linked to the slaughter.

“If this was the leader of any other major political party, he or she would be gone by now,” British Home Secretary Sajid Javid wrote in a Twitter post on Sunday.

Mr Javid’s statement was one of many, including from widows of the murdered athletes, who told the UK’s biggest Jewish newspaper, the Jewish News:

We do not recall a visit of Mr Corbyn to the graves of our murdered fathers, sons and husbands. They only went to the Olympic Games in order to participate in this festival of love, peace and brotherhood; but they all returned home in coffins. For Mr Corbyn to honour these terrorists, is the ultimate act of maliciousness, cruelty and stupidity.

If you want a genuine transformation of politics, Mr Corbyn, we would suggest that you first study history and understand how terrorism undermines and vilifies society and mankind. You have no place in politics, or in decent, humane society when you are driven by one-sided hate and vengefulness. Do not forget, Mr Corbyn, that you will be judged by the company you keep.

Labour Friends of Israel director Jennifer Gerber added her disgust, saying: “This pattern of behaviour, associating with terrorists, anti-Semites and Israel-haters, is truly appalling.

“It shows yet again that, despite his claims to be promoting peace, Mr Corbyn has repeatedly shared the company of apologists for those who hate and murder Jews.”

Tory MP Andrew Percy said: “He clearly cannot claim to be entirely against this form of racism and is not fit to hold the office of Prime Minister.”

As Breitbart Jerusalem reported, Mr. Corbyn stirred condemnation and disbelief from members of his own party when the trip was first revealed in May, 2017.

A column written by the Labour leader in October 2014 for the Communist Party newspaper Morning Star was cited as evidence he attended the ceremony in Tunisia “where wreaths were laid… on the graves of [those] killed by Mossad agents in Paris in 1991”. Mr Corbyn described the event as “poignant”. He wrote:

After wreaths were laid at the graves of those who died on that day and on the graves of others killed by Mossad agents in Paris in 1991, we moved to the poignant statue in the main avenue of the coastal town of Ben Arous, which was festooned with Palestinian and Tunisian flags.

There is no evidence or record of Mossad having conducted an assassination in Paris in 1991.

During the Middle East trip, the man seeking to be prime minister also attended a conference alongside members of Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

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