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Egyptian, Jordanian Envoys Recommit to Peace With Israel

Israeli president slams bill that could lead to Jewish-only communities

TEL AVIV – The newly appointed ambassadors from Jordan and Egypt on Thursday praised their countries’ peace agreements with Israel in a meeting with President Reuven Rivlin Thursday, but said that Israel must also come to an agreement with the Palestinians. 

Ghassan Majali of Jordan and Khaled Azmi of Egypt officially took up their posts by handing their letters of credence to Rivlin at his Jerusalem residence, the Times of Israel reported.

Rivlin said that while ties between the countries are “really strong,” he wished for warmer relations with the Jordanians and Egyptians.

Egypt’s Azmi said, “Our peace treaty stands as a pillar of stability in the Middle East.”

Majali said Jordan would “look forward during this coming year to witness a breakthrough in the peace process that will enable all parties to enjoy comprehensive, just and lasting peace.”

Jordan’s King Abdullah II “considers reaching peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis a cornerstone to peace and stability in our region and throughout the world,” Majali said, noting that Abdullah considers Israeli-Palestinian peace foremost on his agenda.

Rivlin said, “I hope that we can find a way to let the whole Jordanian people understand that we are neighbors and we would like to live together. Because as all of us know — we are not doomed to live together. It’s our destiny to live together.”

The president stressed the urgency of “bringing an end to the tragedy between us and the Palestinians.”

Azmi said a “just and comprehensive” solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was needed.

“We in Egypt remain committed to the peace, remain committed to bringing peace, not only to our two countries but also to the whole region, and this is what we’re working tirelessly to achieve,” Azmi said.

“I come here today not only as a representative of my state and government, but as a representative of my nation that has been the cradle of civilization,” he said.

Rivlin told Azmi that Egypt is “very important to the stability of the region, a region that is very unstable.”

“I really think that we have to find a way to let the Egyptian people understand us and know us, and for the Israeli people to understand you and know you,” he said. “In the last 40 years we did a lot to stabilize the region, but we really have the task to bring an understanding between the Egyptian people and the Israeli people.”


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