Netanyahu: Israeli Agents ‘Periodically Visit’ Iran

benjamin netanyahu
Kirsty Wigglesworth - WPA Pool/Getty

TEL AVIV — Israeli Mossad agents “periodically visit” Iran in an effort to thwart the Islamic Republic’s nuclear aspirations, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a group of foreign ministers on Sunday.

“We are fighting all over the world in regards to Iran’s nuclear program,” Netanyahu said at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs headquarters in Jerusalem.

“We also visit there periodically … to ‘catch up,’” the prime minister added without elaborating.

Netanyahu, who serves as defense minister, has been deeply critical of the nuclear deal signed by world powers and led by the Obama administration in 2015, especially its so-called sunset clause which sees restrictions on Tehran lifted in the next decade.

This year, Netanyahu presented a massive trove of documents smuggled out of Iran by the Mossad which he says was conclusive evidence of Tehran’s nuclear program.

He charged the IAEA of failing to investigate the documents, which number around 100,000.

During the diplomatic meeting, the Israeli prime minister also discussed the thawing of relations between Israel and the Arab world.

“I won’t suspend efforts to reach peace with the Arab world until the Palestinians make peace with us. I won’t do it,” he said.

Netanyahu, who also has the foreign ministry portfolio, outlined a process of “normalization” with the region.

“We are going to the [Arab world] and are not subject to the whims of the Palestinians,” he said.

He added his hope that burgeoning ties with the Arab world would also help loosen the deadlock with the Palestinians.

Netanyahu also told foreign diplomats that despite a fissure in relations, Israel’s bilateral trade with Turkey is steadily increasing.


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