Palestinian TV: Shopping at Israeli-Built Mall Akin to Treason

Image broadcast by Palestinian Authority television on January 13, 2019 (Screenshot: Palestinian Media Watch)
Palestinian Media Watch

The Times of Israel reports: Palestine TV, the Palestinian Authority’s official channel, has broadcast an image that equates shopping at a new mall in East Jerusalem, built by Israeli supermarket king Rami Levy, with treason.

The image includes a drawing of a woman holding onto a shopping cart of merchandise while passing a mirror. Her reflection shows the same shopping cart full of skulls.

A statement implores Palestinians not to shop at the new shopping center, Atarot Mall, on the seam between Arab and Jewish Jerusalem. “Do not be the occupation’s partner in the Judaization of the city,” it says, according to Palestinian Media Watch, an organization that monitors the Palestinian press. “Economic normalization is treason.”

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