Iranian Hijab Protester Vida Movahed Receives Prison Sentence

My Stealthy Freedom photograph: This woman hung her scarf on a stick and waved it in the air in protest to compulsory hijab
Facebook/My Stealthy Freedom

Iranian hijab protester Vida Movahed, who in 2017 removed her obligatory Islamic headscarf in a public protest, has been sentenced to one year in prison for her act of defiance.

Photographs of the lone agitator, holding out her white headscarf on a stick as she addressed supporters, went round the world.

The images were taken in Enghelab Street in Tehran, just before the start of national protests attacking the strict Islamic regime and government corruption. Her initial arrest and disappearance was brought to light after a campaign to locate her was created using the “#WhereIsShe” hashtag.

Another woman named Shima Babaei also took off her hijab in front of a court to make her dedication to the protest clear:

Payam Derefshan told The Associated Press a court sentenced Vida Movahed last month after finding her guilty of encouraging public “corruption.”

Derefshan, who revealed the verdict to local media Sunday, says her client is on a pardon list but the release procedures are still underway. There was no official comment.

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei occasionally issues pardons, according to the AP report.

Despite claims by “moderate” President Hassan Rouhani that police have better things to do than enforcing the hijab law, thousands of undercover “morality police” remain active across Iran, filing tens of thousands of “bad hijab” reports.

A common citation involves women allowing their headscarves to drop while riding in cars, an offense that can result in the car being impounded, as Breitbart News reported.

Promises to relax the hijab law made by the Iranian government in the past have always led to nothing.

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