Dick Durbin to GOP: ‘Be Unafraid of Breitbart’

AP/Manuel Balce Ceneta

The Democratic Party’s leading amnesty advocate in the Senate is urging Republicans to “be unafraid of Breitbart” and to oppose the President’s enforcement of popular border laws.

Sen. Dick Durbin Tweeted Thursday:

Durbin has campaigned for a national amnesty of younger ‘DACA’ illegals from his base in Chicago for more than a decade. In 2013, he pushed the “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill which helped the GOP gain nine seats in the Senate in 2014 — and thus kept the Democrats in a minority during President Donald Trump’s first term.

In January 2018, Durbin used the media to shove Trump into accepting an amnesty by claiming the President has declared multiple countries as “shitholes,” and he later pushed his fellow Democrats into a budget shutdown crisis while trying to block Trump’s immigration priorities.

Durbin is now pushing to reduce enforcement of popular anti-migration laws by stigmatizing the arrest of migrants as “reprehensible and shameful” because officers are also forced by law to shelter the children of migrants separately from the migrants in detention centers.

Durbin’s plea came as Breitbart produced several reports about GOP Senatorsresponses to the detention-and-shelter policy.

Durbin’s pro-migration goals are shared by many Democratic and GOP legislators and their donors — but they are deeply unpopular because voters want their wages and salaries, schools and neighborhoods, to be protected from the labor-market and civic impact of mass migration.

Breitbart has followed the money in the immigration debate to break news about the corporate backing for amnesty, and the reasons why corporations are opposing House Speaker Paul Ryan’s lower-immigration-for-some-amnesty bill.