Republican House Candidate Diane Harkey Relays Witness Account of Migrant Caravan

Hans-Maximo Musielik/AP

Republican congressional candidate Diane Harkey spoke to Breitbart News Sunday, relaying a Mexico-based friend’s account of the heavily male makeup of the migrant caravan.

“It’s not like you see on TV,” Harkey revealed as the candidate from California’s 49th Congressional District provided the account of a friend who now lives in Mexico and recently encountered the caravan of migrants heading north from Central America to the United States. Her friend described the group as all men, no women.

Harkey explained that her friend was cruising around on his motorcycle when he spotted the migrant caravan. The region was described as Veracruz state, just north of Oaxaca state, and 850 miles from Laredo, Texas.

The friend had explained to Harkey that the group was quite spread out, some of the men were hitchhiking on farm trucks, and Mexican police did not look happy.

Harkey said she believes most people in the 49th Congressional District want to see the U.S. southern border secured. 

“I believe this is just politically motivated to poke a finger in the eye of President Trump,” said Harkey. “In fact, I think it’s kind of backfired because everybody seems to be backpedaling on trying to give it, providing second-page news to it, or maybe even back page news on the caravan.”

She then pointed to the danger for the more vulnerable who started with the caravan and could not continue at some point along the journey. “What happens to them? Do they drop off and become human-trafficked? Subject to sex crimes and … running drugs? That’s what happens to very poor people in poor circumstances,” she said, pointing to people in the caravan who had not wanted to stop in southern Mexico because there was no work there.

One America News recently depicted Harkey and Democrat opponent Mike Levin’s differences on immigration:

Harkey went further into her immigration positions with host Amanda House during an interview on Breitbart News Sunday on SiriusXM Patriot:

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