‘Minecraft’ Creator Declares Support for #FreeMilo


Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson took to Twitter in support of #FreeMilo after Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos was permanently suspended from the platform last night.

“I think the guy’s a bit of a dick, but for the love of christ, #FreeMilo. If/when I get suspended too, check notch.net,” the billionaire game developer tweeted to his 3.79 million followers.

“I’ve reported tweets worse than anything (well.. almost) Nero’s ever said, and the reply is always the same: nope,” he added, in reference to Twitter’s double standards of failing to remove actual harmful content.

Yiannopoulos was permanently suspended from Twitter after a spat with Ghostbusters (2016) star Leslie Jones.

Jones had been complaining on the platform about all of the negative tweets she had been receiving after starring in the Ghostbusters remake, prompting Yiannopoulos to criticize Jones’ reaction to the tweets.

“If at first you don’t succeed (because your work is terrible), play the victim. EVERYONE GETS HATE MAIL FFS,” he tweeted, before adding, “rejected by yet another black dude” along with a screenshot that the actress had blocked him.

In reference to the Ghostbusters star, Notch appeared to make a joke about being censored for offending Jones earlier this morning.

“I cannot for the life of me learn not to fall for trolls! I’m impressed and saddened, both at once. Also, eating a calzone,” tweeted Notch, prompting a fan to ask what type of calzone he was eating.

“Ham and cheese and about a billion calories. (kinda like lesl,” Notch replied, before posting another tweet adding, “Weird, my previous tweet got cut off.”

The majority of the mainstream media rejoiced in Twitter’s decision to ban Yiannopoulos from the platform, despite the fact that he had done nothing wrong, with the BBC even blaming Yiannopoulos for “directing racist abuse” without providing any factual evidence him doing such a thing.

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