Salon Selectively Edits Footage of Milo Obliterating Reporter After Photo Shoot Ambush


The left-wing news site Salon has selectively edited footage of Milo Yiannopoulos verbally obliterating reporter Amanda Marcotte in a failed attempt to embarrass him and show the world his “true colours as a thin skinned bully.”

In the accompanying video, which they boast is an “EXCLUSIVE,” Marcotte tries to embarrass Milo by claiming he “insisted” on dressing in drag, to which he responded by saying he “just thought it would be a nice idea.”

Marcotte continues by trying to tackle Milo on his views on feminism, where he says that the majority of third wave feminists are just “angry lesbians.”

Milo explains the difference between second and third wave feminism, outlining his belief in “equality of access, opportunity, paying women the same, giving them the same access to educational institutions, to the workplace, to all of the institutions of civil society.”

The video at that point cuts away to a a “Fact Check” that pulled quotes from one of his previous Breitbart columns.

After the incident took place, Milo described his experience in which he was ambushed in the middle of a photo shoot by a reporter “sneering down her nose at my answers.”

“She totally embarrassed herself because I blew her out of the water in the debate. In the end her own cameraman cut her off! I doubt they will use the footage given how badly she bombed but I hope they do,” he continued.

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