The Nation Interviews MILO, ‘The Perfect Online Personality’

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The Nation released an interview with MILO on an array of different topics Sunday, ranging from the alt-right and Donald Trump to Milo’s internet personality and why political correctness is deadly.

“Why are you so infuriated by political correctness? Why not just laugh it off?” asked the Nation’s D.D. Guttenplan.

“Because it’s deadly,” Milo replied. “Fourteen hundred girls were raped in Rotherham in the United Kingdom over 10 years by Pakistani rape gangs. The government report said that these things were not investigated because the officers involved were afraid of appearing racist. That’s political correctness responsible for 1,400 girls being raped.”

“That’s Rotherham. That’s not the US,” claimed Guttenplan.

“Fort Hood,” rebutted Milo in reference to the 2009 attack by Nidal Hasan. “People knew this guy, there’s something wrong with him. Afterwards, his colleagues said we didn’t report him because we didn’t want to be seen as Islamophobic. Omar Mateen, Orlando. People knew there was something wrong with him but didn’t report him. The ones that did report him saw nothing happen to their complaints because his managers were worried about seeming Islamophobic. That’s political correctness killing.”

In another question, Guttenplan asked: “Are you a real person or are you a meme?”

“I’m an invention of the Internet,” Milo replied. “I’m like, the Internet went away for a few years and designed what the perfect online personality would look like and came back with me.”

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