The Sunday Times: MILO Would ‘Revolutionize’ White House Press Briefing


The Sunday Times has released a profile of MILO, Breitbart’s self-proclaimed “dangerous faggot,” speculating on what it would mean if he were named Press Secretary.

The piece calls MILO a “torchbearer for the Trump White House,” noting his early support for the President-Elect, as well as the anti-establishment forces that helped put him in office.

With his bleached hair, dark glasses and occasional use of black nail varnish, Milo Yiannopoulos, a young, gay British journalist, makes an unlikely torchbearer for the Trump White House.

In his mind “there was never any doubt that Trump was going to sail into the White House. It was obvious, a sign, I think, like Brexit that it doesn’t matter how loudly you call people bigots, racist and sexist, tell them that they’re being xenophobic — you name-calling them doesn’t work any more.”

The traditional daily White House press briefing would be revolutionised if Yiannopoulos were made press secretary. He declared: “I would turn it into a reality show.”

He went on: “I would have everybody show up in my house, throw The New York Times and The Washington Post in the back room, have E!Entertainment Television and TMZ at the front and on Tuesdays only answer questions about fashion.

“The more you stick your nose up to the establishment . . . the more people are gonna love you for it.”

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