MILO at MSU: When in Rome, Muslims Do as the Muslims Do


Breitbart Senior Editor, MILO appeared at Michigan State University tonight giving a speech about Islam titled “Reclaiming Constantinople” where he discussed Islam’s warlike history with the west, and the multiple attempts of Muslim empires to conquer the European continent.

MILO spoke at Michigan State University today discussing Islam saying, “And one thing hasn’t changed in the history of mankind- young men are the trouble-makers. The unfortunately vicious cycle we see with Muslim immigration is that young men are more radical, and radicalize the young men already in the country. With the percentage of muslims on welfare, they have nothing to do better with their time than plan how to install a Sharia-compliant culture!”

MILO continued. “The Muslims who have entered Europe are very plain about telegraphing their future actions. They have no plans to fit into the culture. Muslims do not believe that when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Muslims believe: when in Rome, rape everyone and claim welfare.”

“In Dusseldorf Muslims burned down a exhibition center that had been turned into a refugee center. The fire caused 10 million euros in damage and 26 people were injured.” said MILO, “You won’t believe the reason the fired was started… the Muslims were upset that there wasn’t enough chocolate and candy made available during Rhamadan.”

“They don’t just want to be taken in and given a safe land to start a new life in… they want to bend the knee of Western civilization the ways they always have, with blade and fire. The situation in Europe is Grim. Rape Gangs and crime in Germany, a total takeover in Sweden, no-go zones throughout Paris, and similar problems in England. As I wrote in the fall, London is lost.”

“The natural question is “how has Europe responded?” And the answers to that question are extremely troubling. Europe opened its doors wide to Islam. I wish we could just blame Angela Merkel, but it isn’t just her, it is all of the leaders in the European Union for the most part.”

“Eastern Europe seems to be holding out. Maybe I should move to Hungary. A German court just ruled it could not deport a Muslim man from Germany to Hungary because they treat Muslims “Inhumanely”. I am curious what they mean by inhumanely, because Hungary is a damn sight better place to live than most of the Middle East. My guess is they aren’t offering third wives. Or third goats! Or perhaps they’re unwilling to make Jew-hunting and apostate-stoning into national sports.”

Written from prepared remarks. 

Watch the full event below.