PICTURES: MILO Defies Protesters, Administration In March On UC Davis

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Hundreds of people turned up today to join Breitbart Senior editor MILO in a march across UC Davis after their event on campus was cancelled last night due to violent protests.

As hundreds of MILO and Martin Shkreli fans turned up to greet the dynamic duo as they marched on the UC Davis campus to protest the anti-free speech activists who shut down last night’s event, the same fascist protesters arrived in an attempt to cause trouble.

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Despite the protesters best efforts, MILO was still surrounded by hundreds of fans (and more than a few members of the press) who roared their approval.

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MILO wears jeans by Robin’s Jeans, $975. Embroidered jacket by Allsaints, $250. Black leather cap by Gucci, $700. Belt by Gucci, $295. Red crocodile medium top by Giuseppe Zanotti, $750. Red silk and cashmere monogram Louis Vuitton scarf, $450. STAY WOKE shirt, gift from fan. Skull pendant and bracelets by Swarovski. Pearls: model’s own. 

Watch a livestream of the event below.