WATCH: Triggered Protesters Hit Windows at MILO’s New Mexico Show


Triggered left-wing protesters took to hitting the windows of a building at the University of New Mexico as Breitbart News Senior Editor MILO delivered a speech on immigration, Friday.

In the video uploaded to YouTube by an attendee to MILO’s show, the protesters can be seen chanting outside while hitting the building’s windows with their hands.

“Aw, these poor little guys are adorable,” joked the attendee as he walked towards the window, where he took a selfie as one female protester repeatedly shouted “f*** you!”

MILO delivered a speech on immigration and the damaging effects that illegal migrants can bring during his show at the University of New Mexico, where he also gave students the phone number for ICE, and encouraged them to speak up if they ever see any illegal immigrants on campus.

The Dangerous Faggot also questioned why America is funding so many illegal immigrants during the speech, before declaring that “The Hijab is not something that should ever be seen on American women.”

Several Muslim protesters screamed in protest, forcing their ejection from the event, while protesters outside smoke-bombed police officers and distributed communist flyers and manifestos.

YouTube disabled MILO’s livestreaming ability just hours before the event, forcing the cancellation of a live video feed, before the site lifted restrictions against MILO’s account the morning after his speech.

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