University of New Mexico

Leftist Mob Attacks TPUSA Event at University of New Mexico Featuring Tomi Lahren

A mob of leftist students attacked a Turning Point USA campus event featuring Tomi Lahren at the University of New Mexico on Thursday, resulting in the state police being called to the scene. Lahren criticized the university for not caring about the danger she and her audience were placed in by the mob. “Never mind me, you do have your tuition-paying students that were in that room to listen to a speaker, and they were in danger. We were all in danger,” she said in a video filmed after the event.

GTY Tomi Lahren

University of New Mexico Professor Suspended by Kangaroo Court

A conservative professor at the University of New Mexico is facing a one-year unpaid suspension after he attempted to end an exchange of flirty emails with a graduate student. A VP for the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) calls the investigation “one of the most egregious cases of university malfeasance” she has seen in her career.


MILO: ‘Why Are We Funding Illegal Immigrants?’

Breitbart Senior editor MILO appeared at the University of New Mexico today to deliver his immigration policy speech entitled, “Americans Deserve Borders”, where the Dangerous Faggot ripped into illegal immigrants, the hijab and the threat of Islam. MILO spoke about