'Losing Our Sons' Breaks Media Silence about Radical Islamic Recruitment in America

The story of the first successful homegrown Islamist terror attack on American soil.As noted in Congressman Peter King’s House Homeland Security Committee hearings

Americans for Peace and Tolerance (APT), an interfaith coalition of Christians, Jews, and Muslims today released a trailer for its upcoming documentary about Abdulhakim Mohamed, formerly Carlos Bledsoe, a 23 year-old Baptist-born youth who converted to radical Islam and killed a young Marine in Little Rock, Arkansas.

On March 10, 2011, Carlos’s father, Melvin Bledsoe testified at the House Homeland Security Committee hearing on the radicalization of American Muslims. Mr. Bledsoe told the committee and the American public how his son Carlos converted to radical Islam while attending Tennessee State University in Nashville and was encouraged to go Yemen by Islamic extremist leaders in Nashville, TN. After receiving terrorist training in Yemen, Carlos returned to the United States to terrorize a Jewish Rabbi in Nashville and murder Private William Long, an American Marine, outside an Army Recruitment Center in Little Rock, Arkansas.

[youtube tv0hdD5k57Q]

Losing Our Sons” is a documentary film that will reveal how radical Islam dominates the leadership of the Muslim American community in Nashville; and how misguided government and university officials, the media, as well as civic and religious leaders failed to acknowledge, intervene, or report clear indications of Islamist radicalization in the community.

APT has been working with grassroots community groups in support of local efforts to educate the public about the threat to American civil society from the radicalization of America’s historically moderate Muslim community. This effort includes empowering truly moderate Muslims to reclaim their community. .


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