Why Does Obama Want To Give Missile Secrets To Russia?!


Obama says that we need to give our missile technology secrets to the Kremlin in the name of “stability.” And he obviously feels it very strongly. In fact, as former Clinton CIA Director James Woolsey points out in Foreign Policy, he has threatened to veto the current defense bill because the House in Section 1228 of the bill says that no funds can be used to provide the Kremlin with sensitive U.S. missile defense technology.

This is supposed to be part of the “reset” with Russia. But it reminds me of the assumptions behind detente in the 1970s: we give you technology, you be nice in return. Didn’t work out too well. This sort of policy only further serves to undermine our position in the world. Not only in terms of military technology, but also in terms of our stature in the world. Does naivete or technological appeasement really mean that we will garner greater respect in the world? I don’t think so.

If nothing else, think of the budget implications of this. Giving this technology to the Kremlin is like having an arms race….with ourselves.


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