Disney And The 'Path To 9/11'


In 2006, the docudrama titled The Path to 9-11 was released for public viewing. It was produced by the Disney Corporation. When aired the first night on ABC, it was the second most watched show on television; soon, it became the number one watched television show–number one on the second evening to be exact. Over 25 million viewers in two nights sat around their televisions and embraced as a nation the reality of the sequenced events that led up to the most devastating attacks against the United States since Pearl Harbor.

Disney is being crippled by current economic hard times. They can make millions of dollars though via the release of DVD sales for the series The Path to 9-11. Michael Moore’s anti-Bush propaganda titled Fahrenheit 9-11 broke records in DVD sales with over 2 million sold on the first day of release. Imagine what The Path of 9-11 would sell if Disney stopped playing politics?

That’s correct, Disney is playing politics. CEO Robert Iger is a major contributor to the Clintons–something Brit Hume discussed several years ago on his Fox News television show. But even when Iger gets challenged about his decisions not to release The Path to 9-11, he cowardly evaded truth–something he obviously hates.

In only a few months, we will encounter the ten year anniversary of 9-11. Many politicians refuse to accept truth pertaining this horrific event. Some will even cower to reality about Islamist extremists implementing such terrorist activities on our own soil. Text books are to be questioned as few have documented accounts discussing the reality behind one of America’s most violent unprovoked attack on American soil.

Now, our future will only have accounts of propaganda material accessible through the likes of Michael Moore. There is a serious lack of “fair and balanced” any longer in America especially when it comes to the truth about 9-11. Disney is doing our children a disservice as they play a very dangerous political game assisting the Clintons through hiding facts which led up to the atrocity on 9-11.

For more information to learn how you can assist in obtaining public sales of seven Emmy nominated docudrama The Path to 9-11 DVD, you can go to the Facebook page specifically set up for those who truly would like to see this DVD released and join in a revolutionary act: the first ever massive private online viewing of The Path to 9-11.


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