'Islam Is A Religion Of Peace!' And Of Rape, And Of Attacks On U.S. Military Installations, And Of…

Since 9/11, the MSM, academicians, and leftist politicians have been working overtime to convince us Muslims are just another people group and that to single them out for extra scrutiny is to return to the days of Jim Crow laws in Mississippi. We’re actually told the problem is with us: that it’s our fault that some Muslims do commit terrorist acts or talk of America as “the Great Satan” or purposefully run over one of their daughters with a car because she was in love with an infidel.

Don’t you get it? “Islam is a religion of peace!”

Of course this is a hard sell to Israel or to family members of 9/11 victims or to the myriad of Westerners that Muslims have captured and beheaded in the last decade alone. It’s also a hard sell to anyone who’s noticed that various Muslim groups keep using violence to assure us of their non-violence: just as they use intolerance to assure us of their tolerance (try carrying a Bible into Saudi Arabia and let me know how that works out for you).

It’s also hard to sell the women of Norway on the claim that “Islam is a religion of peace!” since every “assault-rape” that took place in their country in 2010 was carried out by a Muslim. (83 such rapes in total.) In some cases the rapist actually told the victim that his religion allowed him to rape her.

It’s also growing increasingly hard to tell members of our military that “Islam is a religion of peace!” because more and more Muslims are taking it unto themselves to attack our stateside military facilities as a way to show whose side they’re on in the War on Terror. It was just this past week that two Muslims were arrested in Seattle for their plan “to attack a military processing center…using machine guns and grenades.” And it was just the week prior that a Marine Corps reservist named Yonathan Melaku was arrested for suspicious activity around the Pentagon and thereafter found to have a video in his possession that showed him driving by the National Museum of the Marine Corps, shooting his pistol at the museum, and chanting “allahu Akbar.”

WARNING: liberals are so screwed up in the way they think, that after reading the examples of the would-be attackers in Seattle and the Muslim who was shooting at the museum in DC, all they’ll probably say is that we need more gun control: that if we make guns harder for these folks to get then the likelihood of such attacks will be diminished. (Note to liberals: these folks do their best killing with bombs, knives, and airplanes.)

Anyway, back to my point: “Islam is a religion of peace!” (I think that’s what they chant when they’re not chanting “death to America.”)

I suggest we change this little mantra so that it more accurately conveys the truth of things. How about: “Islam is the religion of peace!” and of rape, and of attacks on U.S. military installations, and of decapitating infidels, and of intolerance, and of…


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