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Palestinian Compromise: What's Mine Is Mine, What's Yours Is Negotiable


“But if you could examine the goods they bring

They have little to offer but the songs they sing

And the plentiful waste of time of day

A plentiful waste of time…”

The ‘Palestinians’ are continuing to use the threat of trying to get the UN Security Council to unilaterally declare ‘Palestinian’ statehood in September as leverage to get everything they want without bothering to ‘negotiate’.

Here’s the latest proposal from these spoiled children. If the Quartet ( the US, Russia, the EU and UN) pressure Israel into committing to retreating to the pre ’67 lines as per Obama’s speech, dividing Jerusalem, and stopping all construction in the areas the ‘Palestinians’ want gifted to them, they’ll agree not to go to the UN and will re-enter negotiations!

In other words, if they get everything they want guaranteed them in advance, they’ll negotiate. Of course, there would be absolutely nothing left to negotiate at that point. The Israelis would also be put in the position of legitimizing Hamas because of the Hamas/Fatah unity agreement. Needless to say, no Israeli government could agree to what the ‘Palestinians’ are demanding and survive even if they wanted to.

This impasse is entirely the fault of President Obama. By trying to act as the ‘Palestinian’ community organizer, he’s placed them in a position far beyond what they would have demanded on their own and from which they now can’t afford to back down. The new push for negotiations neither side really wants is entirely meant to save face for the president giving way to his anti-Israel bile and doubling down on it in the speech he attempted to ambush Israeli PM Netanyahu with on Netanyahu’s trip to the US in May.

Saeb Erekat, formerly the right fork of Yasser Arafat’s tongue claims that this was not a pre condition to any negotiations. “This is an Israeli obligation,” he said. “We hope that the Americans and the Quartet will oblige Netanyahu to accept the two-state solution and stop settlement construction.”

Erekat admitted that the US was exerting heavy pressure on the ‘Palestinian’ Authority not to go to the UN and according to him, the US Administration has also made it clear that it will veto the motion at the UN.

Israeli PM Netanyahu has so far remained unchanged in demanding that any negotiations have no pre-conditions and that it has to start with the ‘Palestinians’ recognizing Israel as a Jewish State, which isn’t going to happen. He also made the point that the ‘Palestinians’ going forward with this will set back negotiations for decades.

While Netanyahu perhaps feels he has to be diplomatic because of President Obama’s ego, I think the Israelis could accomplish a lot more by calling Abbas’ bluff and telling him to go ahead and declare statehood.

Israel should make it clear that if the ‘Palestinians’ abrogate the Road Map and Oslo by going to the UN, the so-called peace process is over. Whether the ‘Palestinians’ are successful at the UN or not, Israel should pubilcly let them know it will be regarded as a hostile act and there will be a heavy price tag involved; an annexation of land in Judea and Samaria along the lines Israel chooses including the Jordan Valley, the expulsion of all ‘Palestinians’ now living in Israel without Israeli citizenship in places like East Jerusalem to the new state, and an end to all security co-operation,work permits for ‘Palestinian’ citizens, tax remittances, diplomatic and trade relations.

Most of that is eventually going to end up having to happen anyway, so there’s no downside to using the ‘Palestinians’ breaking the very essence of the treaties and agreements they signed as a convenient excuse. It’s not as if there’s anything Fatah can agree to that means anything in the real world anyway.

The Israelis should tell Abbas to go ahead and sing the September song. The PA is already having financial difficulties because the ‘donors’ in the EU and elsewhere are getting tired of pouring their money down a rat hole, and some of them are even finally wising up to the fact that a ‘Palestinian’ state is going to be a permanent welfare basket case….one they can’t afford to prop up anymore. A realistic reminder by Israel that things are going to get a whole lot worse and that threats work two ways might just persuade the ‘Palestinians’ to get a whole lot more realistic in their demands and abandon their UN fantasy.

And if not? Even better.

Rob Miller writes at Joshuapundit


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