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Syria Proceeds With Weapons Program And Hezbollah Armaments


Despite crippling protest that has all but brought its economy to a halt, and international criticism for its reaction to those protests, the Syrian government has pressed ahead with its usual policies. Namely, stockpiling missiles, pursuing an ambitious weapons program, and arming Hezbollah to the teeth. Apparently, Hezbollah has received so much arms this year, the terrorist group boasted that it “doesn’t know where to put it all.”

The missile program is allegedly run by the Scientific Studies and Research Centre in Damascus, an organization that is already on the United States’ sanctions list.

With financial and political support from Iran, Damascus has also stepped up its military assistance to Hezbollah.

Sources close to Hezbollah said that the flow of weapons entering the Bekaa Valley from Syria had accelerated since March, when protests erupted against the Assad regime.

See accompanying report: “Hezbollah preparing for war with Israel

The Middle East and the polices the world has tried to pursue to bring about any meaningful change has been an utter failure. The site Jihad Watch says,

Hizballah, now a stronger armed force in Lebanon than the Lebanese Army, is the only group from the Lebanese civil war that failed to disarm. This activity yet again renders U.N. Resolution 1559, a 2004 document demanding the disarmament of all Lebanese militia groups including Hizballah, not worth the paper it was printed on…


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