PM David Cameron Continues Tough Demands On Immigrants


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The Prime Minister appealed to the public to “shop” illegal immigrants and announced a drive against bogus marriages as he promised to “reclaim our borders”. In a major speech on immigration, he said the Government would overhaul the structure of citizenship tests, which were introduced nine years ago by Labour, to give them a more traditional flavour.

“There’s a whole chapter in the citizenship handbook on British history. But, incredibly, there are no questions on British history in the test,” he said.

“Instead you’ll find questions on the roles and powers of the main institutions of Europe and the benefits system within the UK. So we are going to revise the whole test and put British history and culture at the heart of it.”

Mr Cameron has set his government the target of reducing net migration to Britain from “hundreds of thousands” to “tens of thousands” by the next general election. The figure for last year was a “staggering” 239,000, he told the Institute for Government in London.

I wrote before on Cameron’s, Merkel’s and Sarkozy’s crackdown on their countries’ societal calamities brought on by rampant and runaway immigration. I dubbed them the New Munich Generation after the original group which created a new diplomatic theory during the era of WWII. Their message was a clear one: Aggressors cannot be appeased. There can be no bending of values, honor, or justice and call acquiesce peace. No matter what the elites thought.

These recent and somewhat shocking revelations coming out of Europe considering it is the birth place of so-called “multiculturalism,” that the system of insane inclusion of other cultures and peoples at the expense of their own, has apparently ran its course. We’ve long known that the public and citizens of Europe have been very upset and disturbed by the sight of Mosque, burqas, and news of honor killings. But when state leaders such as French President Nicolas Sarkozy, British Prime Minister David Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel agree that multiculturalism is ruining their countries and failing as an ideology in general, it is time to sit up, take notice, and listen. Something historical is happening. Each has witnessed their country come under-siege by a foreign way of life, and religion. The opposite of a Utopian, multi-cultural region has taken place. Cultural chaos and social rootlessness has been going unchecked for fifty years. Let’s hope for the sake of Western Civilization that these few leaders can start the process of reversing these suicidal trends.

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