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David Brog: The True Meaning of Christians United for Israel


Tonight on Secure Freedom Radio: There has been no doubt in the minds of many people that President Obama has made many negotiation and tactical mistakes in regards to Israeli policy. The real question in the debate is how did the United States allow a bid for Palestinian statehood to be submitted to the United Nations? Executive Director for Christians United for Israel answers the question of the role that Judeo-Christians play in the Israeli statehood debate. Brog clarifies that Christian support for Israel is simply based on recent historical record and not on US foreign policy. However, the administration has certainly been too submissive in the matter. Because Obama has mostly abandoned Israel, he has invited further aggression into the region. David Brog concludes today’s show discussing how faith is being abandoned at an alarming rate among young adults. The percentage of unaffiliated young people is twice the rate of the Baby Boomers. He wonders whether the post-Christianity era is a generation or two in the future. Thus, Christians definitely need to reach out to kids on college campuses and stress the need for faith in their lives.

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