Is The U.S. In Decline?


Americans are immanently concerned with America’s destiny and standing in the world. This has been on our collective conscience since the beginning and really began to manifest in our political conscience in 1898. The question is America declining, are our better days behind us, etc., has been asked repeatedly with each generation.

The Hill | The Hill Poll: Most voters say the United States is in decline

A resounding 69 percent of respondents said the country is “in decline,” the survey found, while 57 percent predict today’s kids won’t live better lives than their parents. Additionally, 83 percent of voters indicated they’re either very or somewhat worried about the future of the nation, with 49 percent saying they’re “very worried.”

The results suggest that Americans don’t view the country’s current economic and political troubles as temporary, but instead see them continuing for many years.

Historically speaking, that question has been resolutely answered each time. America is not declining. Though the question is being raised during some troubling times, and it’s perfectly understandable to see the results. Despite its political and economical troubles, America has still been able to fulfill its obligations, sustain its international standing, and fight two major wars while committing to several other fronts. It’s still the economic leader and enjoys as close to hegemony as possible in all facets of international affairs. America remains the lone superpower with no equals. It is the undisputed leader in the Western hemisphere while maintaining its considerable reach with a network of allies and IGO’s from Europe to Asia. Those are not the signs of a declining country.

Of course, these things mentioned are a snapshot of current times. Who is to know what the world, or the US for that matter, will look like in 2030. If the US is declining and losing its position in the pecking order, than who is winning? That question can’t be answered because there is no suitable replacement able enough to duplicate America’s rise and subsequent dominance.

A good way to curb these fatalistic tendencies is to turn to precedent. America has so far been able to work past its troubles. If we were to place bets on past performance, betting on the US to pull itself out of its current malaise would be a very smart bet to make.


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