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Rep. Allen West: Our 21st Century Battlefield


Tonight on Secure Freedom Radio: Does the United States have a hard time understanding the 21st century battlefield where unassociated extremists (in countries such as Iraq) are backed by hostile governments? In a new segment here at Secure Freedom Radio, entitled The Cloakroom, Fred Grandy has the honor of having a candid discussion with Rep. Allen West about US strategies in Iraq. By removing all of our forces in Iraq, have we truly given a “green light” to Iran to begin its political and military build up in the region? Rep. West argues that America has never lost a war at the tactical level, but has shown that it can lose the overall war such as in Vietnam. If we continue to lose at the strategic level, then we will certainly lose the war in Iraq. In order to stop this from happening, does the United States need to take Rep. West’s recommendations and develop a concrete operations strategy?

Listen here: [audio:]


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