Drone Crash in Iran Could Reveal Our Security Secrets


A drone on a CIA mission crashed landed in Iran a few days ago. Not just any drone, but one described as jet-powered and bat-winged (no joke!), full of super secret stealth technology. Yup, the RQ-170, one of our military’s most sophisticated pieces of robotic warfare technology, is now in Iranian hands.

This is, as they say, not good.

There’s a reason why the United States doesn’t have an embassy in Iran; the people in charge over there suck. President Ahmadinejad is an election-stealing, holocaust-denying truther that openly mocks America. This is a country that stones rape victims to death for the crime of being sexually promiscuous. Even simply disagreeing with the leadership in Iran will get you whipped.

Gee, why wouldn’t we want our best technology to fall into Iran’s hands? Call me crazy, but I’m thinking that could be potentially disastrous.

Iran has been developing nuclear technology for a while, supposedly for energy development. Even Barack Obama supports Iran’s civilian nuclear program. After all, they totally know they’re not supposed to use that technology for evil, and they’ve, like, reassured us and stuff that they won’t. It’s not like they’ve ever gone against their word or anything… oh wait

The leadership in Iran is not trustworthy. It doesn’t matter if they promise not to build weapons of mass destruction; they’re going to do it anyway. The question isn’t whether or not Iran will be able to obtain nuclear weapons; the question is how soon will that be?

How much help could we be lending Iran by unintentionally giving them access to one of our stealthiest drones? Since it’s highly classified, we don’t know exactly what the RQ-170 does, but rumor has it that it likes to flit around unnoticed, pick up cell phone conversations, and sniff the air for potential underground nuclear facilities.

What will Iran learn about our technology from this drone? Will they be able to figure out what we’re looking for? Will they be able to hide their misdeeds more skillfully? Will they be able to replicate our technology? Or did the drone become irreparably damaged during the crash?

This new development is a reminder to be ever aware of the evil that lurks in the hearts of people that want more than anything than to bring America to her knees. They’re not going away anytime soon.


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