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Rep. Gohmert: Holder Has Broken the Law


Representative Louie Gohmert spends time with Frank to try and clarify what Eric Holder and the DOJ are trying to do with respect to the Fast and Furious debacle. Eric Holder testified on May 3 that he only heard about Fast and Furious a few weeks prior to the hearing, which documents from DOJ showed to be false. DOJ provided Congress with over 100 pages of irrelevant documents in order to obscure the truth. The Attorney General of the United States is supposed to uphold the law, but Eric Holder broke the law when he lied during a Congressional hearing. Isn’t it time for him to go? According the Attorney General Holder, a few weeks and a few months aren’t really that different when referring to the time when he found out about this operation. Holder either misled Congress intentionally or negligently; either way, his credibility is ruined. Holder has failed to produce any evidence pertaining to the Inspector General’s investigation into Fast and Furious. According to Holder, he and the IG are so close that they don’t need a formal order; the Attorney General and IG should not have that close of a relationship. No matter how you break it down, Holder is incompetent and should be removed from his position. How come other Attorney Generals have been removed for less offenses, yet Obama will not remove this one? Congressman Gohmert also touches on the fact that the Obama Administration is handcuffing U.S. agents trying to fight Islamic extremism, not allowing this threat to be properly characterized and spoken about among government officials.

You can hear the rest of Rep. Gohmert’s interview with Frank here and at



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