Why the Middle East Peace Process Is a Farce


The Muslim regimes in the Middle East have never held any real intentions of formulating a peace process with Israel. There just isn’t any money and power in doing so. The Jewish presence is a wonderful distraction for Arab regimes to take attention away from their own corruption and incompetency.

In fact, one could argue convincingly that Israel is a wonderful motivation for peace among Muslim nations. For without Israel to hate, Muslim nations would have to go to war with one another. Instead, the hatred for Jews shared among all Muslim nations is a useful prop for radical Islamists movements like the so-called Arab Spring, which was nothing more than exercise of radicalization. The Islamic groups that had been historically pushed to the fringes in countries like Egypt, Libya, and Syria (that story has yet to be played out) are now running the asylum.

Hamas Haniyeh meets Muslim Brotherhood leader in Egypt

Continuously, Israel is passed off as the boogeyman in the west and provides the source for the collection of third-world countries called the UN to revile. If only Israel would just “get to the table,” as Leon Panetta recently said, all would work out well. However, sitting at any table with the current collection of Arab countries would be like sitting at a table with snakes. The truth is very simple. The Arab world uses a loose play on history and Palestine as a PR campaign to weaken Israel internationally, while using the west’s hyper-inflated sense of injustice to delegitimize Israel as a lawful nation. All the while, their true motives are displayed with every move on the board until the time comes when they can say checkmate.

For Israel to simply claim peace at all costs would be tantamount to national suicide. The climate in the Middle East is not one of peace but rather a real-time display of collective unison to topple the Jewish nation. Sadly, yet predictably, the long coveted initiative is coming to fruition.


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