'American Sniper' Author: What It Means to Be Called a 'Legend'

Retired Navy SEAL Team 3 operator Chris Kyle spends time with Frank to talk about his new book “American Sniper: Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History.” Kyle has been dubbed “Legend” by his comrades and “The Devil of Rhamadi” by his enemies. Kyle has a confirmed 160 kills, the most ever in the U.S. military, and explains how that was only possible due to the skill and excellence of the American fighting force in which he served. Kyle also explains how America won the war in Iraq and it is time that Iraq take control of its own country, but the withdrawal did not have to be so expedited. The cuts to America’s armed forces will leave some in uniform under quipped, making their job harder to do. The Obama Administration is planning on doubling the amount of Special Operators like Kyle, but with fewer resources and less support from conventional forces. SpecOps cannot take the lead in going after America’s enemies, conventional forces are what makes SpecOps successful and therefore are needed in order for men like Chris Kyle to do their jobs.

You can hear Chris Kyle’s interview as well as today’s show at Secure Freedom Radio.