Karzai Wants Americans Tried for Quran Incident; Will Obama Defend Troops?

Karzai Wants Americans Tried for Quran Incident; Will Obama Defend Troops?

Thanks to Barack Obama’s failure to lead, events surrounding the burning of religious materials at Bargam Airfield–materials that included Qurans in which detainees were writing “extremist messages or inscriptions”–are perilously spiraling out of control. And now, Afghanistan President Karzai is calling for the American troops who took part in the burning to stand trial.

Karzai’s doing this because he can. And the reason he can is because all Obama has displayed up to this point is weakness.

Think about it: although U.S. military personnel have come forward to say the materials were only burned was because of the messages and inscriptions detainees had written within them, Obama has apologized twice to Karzai. One apology was what you’d call a regular apology, and the second one was what Obama spokesman Jay Carney called a “severe apology.”

What’s next? Will we offer to behead ourselves so Taliban and Al Qaeda members don’t have to go through all the hassle of catching us and tying us up?

Obama may have missed this, but we are at war in that part of the world. Not a play war, like on Xbox, but a real war where American men and women in uniform are in harm’s way day and night. We’ve already lost two brave military personnel via an Afghan solider who was incited by the alleged burning of these materials, used by detainees to exchange extremist messages. And our troops could face even more loses if Obama doesn’t stand up and fight for change.

If Obama would do that, this situation could be handled quickly.

When Karzai asks for our troops to be put on trial for burning the religious materials that contained the extremist messages, we should simply ask whether he’ll put the extremist who shot and killed two of our soldiers on trial as well.

And when Karzai asks for an apology so he can show the power he has over the American president, we should remind him that he only rules Afghanistan by our good graces and financial support. In no uncertain terms, we should let him know that the next time an Afghan soldier shoots an American, the financial aid disappears for good. Period.

We have to deal from a position of strength because doing anything less is self-imposed weakness.

Right now we’re in trouble, not because we burned religious materials that contained extremist messages, but because we are projecting weakness.