'American Taliban' Attorney Now Number Three at DOJ

'American Taliban' Attorney Now Number Three at DOJ

Just as Koran-Burning Rage 2012 must not be seen as an isolated event but rather as a cycle of sharia ascendancy, or, as indicated in my last column, another notch in our decline into dhimmitude, so, too, the advance of a leading member of the  “al Qaeda bar” into the highest reaches of the Department of Justice must not be seen as just one more singularly noxious incident in the life of our nation’s capital. This, too, is part of the tectonic shift under way.

Over at Pajamas Media, J. Christian Adams lays out the gruesome details of the elevation of Tony West to the No. 3 man at the Justice Department. Adams explains that West (zero relation) and his San Francisco law firm have represented “some of the most radical Islamic terrorist causes, including the American Taliban John Walker Lindh.”

Adams reports that, in his new position, West, who has brought into senior Justice jobs other prominent jihadist defenders, will be overseeing detainee policy at Guantanamo Bay.

It’s either a mad, mad, mad, mad world — or, as I believe, it all makes perfect sense. We are being taken down from within due to a potent nexus of fear, non-rational thinking, and subversion.

First, beginning on 9/12/01, the Bush administration effectively outlawed the way public officials may talk and write and ultimately think about Islam by formulating the de facto and, finally, in 2008, the practically de jure lexicon that de-links Islam from its institutional lifeblood, jihad. The effect is to foil all rational approaches to thwarting the Islamic threat. Since President Obama came to office, he has simply, if enthusiastically, taken the Bush policy of de-linking Islam from jihad, both violent and pre-violent, to its logical conclusions.

Thus we see in 2010, for example, the FBI’s National Counter Terrorism Center (NCTC) inviting Kifah Mustapha, a known operative of Hamas, a wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, to a six-week “citizens’ academy” inside the top secret installation.

Thus we see, also in 2010, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, NCTC chief Michael Leiter, and FBI Director William Mueller unable to comment cogently when I had the opportunity to quiz them, one after another, on this egregious national security risk that they willingly incurred in the spirit of so-called Muslim outreach.

Thus we see in the summer of 2011 the abrupt cancellation of a conference at the CIA on Homegrown Radicalization due to pressure from a homegrown radical group, CAIR, whose co-founder Nihad Awad was identified by the FBI as a member of Hamas, a wing of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Thus we see in February 2012, MB-Hamas-linked CAIR strikes again, pushing for the abrupt withdrawal by Gen. Jerry Boykin from a West Point prayer breakfast.

Thus we see, also in February 2012, the FBI “purge” hundreds of pages of anti-jihad material under the watchful eye of more MB-affiliated front groups.

Today we see the elevation of a leading member of “the al Qaeda bar” to a position of control over Gitmo policy at the Justice Department.

The continuum… continues.

Notice anything else about these events?

They’re coming faster and more furiously.